Q: Will Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters work on my earrings?

A: Yes, Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters can be worn with any earring that has a post.

Q: What if my post does not fit Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters?

A: While Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters fit on almost all earring posts, it is possible you can have a pair of earrings with a different post size. Your posts can be changed easily to fit Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters. For more information on how to do that, please contact us!

Q: What if I don't have a problem with my earrings?

A: Many people don't realize a problem exists until they try Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters on and see the difference. In addition, Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters works by spreading the weight of your earrings over a larger area and leverages the strong tissue on the back of your ear to help prevent your pierced ear from drooping over time.

Q: Are Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters adjustable?

A: Yes, Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters can be easily adjusted if needed! Watch our adjustable guide video if needed.

Q: Can you use these if you have double pierced ears?

A: It depends on the spacing of each individual's piercings, however, Healmanner ™ Earring Lifters work best for single lower lobe piercings.